Shrimp Cocktail $10.99


  Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms (award winning) $9.99


Chicken Wings dozen bone in or half pound boneless:

(Buffalo, Aiello, Barbecue or Garlic) $11.99

Boneless Wings $10.99

*New Chicken Wings* Dry Rubbed on the Wood Fire Grill

(please allow some extra time) $12.99


Shrimp Italian Style $10.99

(With garlic and olive oil, Romano cheese & wine sauce)



Steamed Clams $10.99


              Garlic Knots (4) $3.00 (8) $5.00


Homemade Fried Mozzarella $7.99


24 Mussels (With a red or white wine sauce) $8.99


Calamari Hand Breaded

(served with homemade tomato sauce or sweet chili sauce) $11.99


Caprese Fresh Mozzarella Salad $9.99

Bruschetta (Tomato, garlic, Balsamic, olive oil & parmesan)


Add Fresh Mozzarella (made in house) for $4




Soup of the day Cup ($3.50) Bowl $4.50


Cream of Mushroom Cup ($3.50) Bowl $5.50


French Onion $4.50




Greek Salad $7.99

Romaine, calamata olives, stuffed grape leaves, feta cheese, tomatoes,

cucumbers, red onions, oregano

Add chicken ($3) Add shrimp ($4)


Steak Salad with Delmonico $14.99

Grilled, served with Italian dressing and black olives


Broiled Chicken Spinach $9.25

Marinated chicken spiedi, with tomato, cucumber, black olive,

onion & a choice of dressing


Antipasto $8.99

Ham, salami, marinated vegetables, olives, provolone cheese


Antipasto Siciliano $15.99

Fresh mozzarella, sorprassata salami, prosciutto di Parma, olives,

artichoke hearts, roasted pepper and much more


Chef Salad $9.25

Ham, turkey, boiled egg, Swiss cheese,

over salad platter with your choice of dressing


Caesar Salad $8.25

Romaine lettuce, croutons, Asiago cheese, A

dd chicken ($3) Add shrimp ($4)


Tossed Salad $3.95